3 Questions to Ask when Hiring a Handyman

Scott Depot Handyman offers Safety Tips for Elderly and Single Homeowners

Many older, single homeowners are uncomfortable allowing strangers into their home to provide necessary service

Scott Depot WV – Most people do not think about being attacked or robbed when they call a local handyman to perform general repairs or home renovation service. The danger occurs with the Handyman who goes door to door looking for work. A reputable home service provider does not need to go door knocking to find work. He already has his good name and reputation.

In any event, safety is a major issue today. With so many scams and stories reported in the news people are becoming more aware of the need to take precautions. Elderly people and single female homeowners feel most vulnerable when they need home repair service. Even if the handyman comes highly recommended by a trusted friend or neighbor, the person coming to the home is still a stranger. The company may send a different contractor than the one who did such a wonderful job for the friend.

Again, in most cases, there is no real threat, especially when the contractor was called to the home and sent by a legitimate company. The local Scott Depot handyman suggests several things people can do to protect themselves:

• Ask for the repairman's physical description. If the handyman is employed by a large company, ask the service representative for a physical description of the contractor.

• Ask to see the handyman's photo identification. Sometimes the handyman arrives in his own pick-up truck or panel van with no logo or lettering. Ask to see photo ID or credentials proving he is indeed the home service provider expected.

• Keep an eye on the repairman. A handyman should not roam around the house without supervision. Show him the job to be done and watch him as much as possible while he works.

• Let a neighbor know that a repairman is coming to the home so they can keep an eye out or stop by while the service man is there.

• Do not leave valuable items like expensive jewelry, laptop computers, and cash laying around.

Consumers should report any suspicious, rude or unprofessional behavior of a home service provider to the company. Perhaps this isn’t the first complaint they have received, so they will take action to protect their customers and their reputation.

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